Mission Statement

The World is full of many beautiful people, places and things. It is also filled with many inadequacies and injustices.

We are an organization of international Citizens that feel the need to stand together to bring awareness to these injustices.


It is our goal to stay apprised of current political and human focused issues and provide educational resources for our followers. Once a year we will virtually come together to volunteer our time, materials, and talent to create individual edible showpieces that express our thoughts and feelings pertaining to a given cause. Not only does this give us a chance to express ourselves but provides a safe talking point to deal with often controversial topics.

Every year, in an online Social Media event we will release a Digital Art Gallery. It is our hope that visitors to” The Gallery ” will feel Inspired to Create Change and donate.

UNSA has applied for nonprofit status and is currently operating under the Certified charity, National Geographic for ACTs of GREEN. We keep no money-all donations go to specified charity. Members are volunteers and no purchase is necessary to join or participate in fundraising