Laugh with a serious message

Hi gang!

As you know this years collaboration is in support of Mental Health Awareness. This is something very close to lots of us. 

As a woman who has studied literature it becomes very clear that, back in the day, women were seen as crazy simple for being women. And creative women?! Oh hell no! Lock em up!!! No joke, they really did. I’m a big Virginia Woolf fan, and Charlotte Perkins-Gilman. If you’ve never read The Yellow Wallpaper then I urge you to.

This was all brought back to mind by a fabulous song a friend sent me. It’s funny, and very serious at the same time. Click  here To listen and read the lyrics. You won’t be disappointed. It’s by the talented Emilie Autumn who has written a book on the subject, and gets the message across in fabulously acerbic and entertaining way. Much as we do with sugar Art. Yes we have a point to make, and we want to shock. But we do it with the sweet and delicious medium of sugar and cake. 

I can’t wait to see this latest project of ours come out. And shout our message to the world! 


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