Hello September!!! 

How was your summer? Did you actually get a summer? Here in the UK I’m not so sure we did, I don’t think the odd sunny day really counts. 

But sunny or not, summer is just about over. And I, for one, am not sad about that. Heat and sugar/butter/cake… not the match made in heaven. Not a match made anywhere! As if making an elaborate, multi tier wedding cake isn’t stressful enough, right?! I’m hoping that winter weddings become a thing. They really should be a thing.

I mean everyone gets married in summer, so it’s about time people started going against the norm. But, until then, we will have to suffer the extra stress. Not to mention the extra heat having ovens on all day creates. 

So, lovely UNSA family, how have you coped this summer? Or how are you planning to cope if you’re in parts of the world where summer is just starting. 

Happy September! Enjoy pumpkin spiced everything, cooler weather and non melting buttercream. 

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