Say Cheese…..cake! 

Guest Blog Post. This week the very talented Kirsty from KLR Snaps photography shares her top tips for getting the best pics of your cakes. 

So you’ve spent hours making a beautiful cake, and you want to take a lovely picture to share on social media after the event takes place. I’m here to share some hints and tips with you, so you can show your beautiful creations in their best light.  
Wether you’re using an iPhone or a DSLR camera you can still achieve great results with these handy tips. 
To get the best possible shot find somewhere next to a nice big window so you have plenty of natural light falling on your subject. If you find it’s far to bright, and you’re loosing some of your details, try hanging a white sheet in front of the window. This will defuse the light, and make the image much more pleasing to look at. 
Alternatively if you, like me,  live somewhere where it’ll more than likely be raining and dull try making your own reflector. All you need is a piece of cardboard and some tin foil! Place your DIY reflector opposite the window and it’ll fill the shadows and make the cake more evenly lit. 
Avoid artificial lights! Turn those flashes off.  The last thing you want is an orange glow and harsh shadows on a beautiful white wedding cake. 
Don’t over complicate this part of the process. You want something as simple as possible.  A nice wooden board or a plain white or black wall or sheet would be best. Avoid cluttered backgrounds. As lovely as your kitchen is, you don’t want your pretty mixer or cooker taking the attention away from your cake.  You want your viewer to be focused on that nothing else. 
I know its tempting to place your cake in the centre of the frame, it just feels natural doesn’t it? But to create something a little more pleasing to look at you can use the rule of thirds. 
Imagine breaking your picture down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. You would have a grid that looks something like the one below. 
If you place your main points of interest on the intersections where the lines meet,  your photograph will be more pleasing to look at and it’ll draw the viewers eye into the image. 

I hope these little tips help make the photography process a little easier for you. 

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