Taking the cake…. 

Otherwise known as the most stressful part of the whole cake making process. Yes…. the D word. Delivery!!!! 

If only cakes could just magically appear at their destination. Instead we have to physically take them there. 

For me I hate delivering cakes, especially wedding cakes. Suddenly to notice every bend, every pot hole, speed bump and roundabout. And I have a separate driving speed for cakes, which is snail pace. Even taking them unstacked and with all their decorations separately doesn’t stop the heart skipping every time the breaks are applied. I know one cake maker who puts her cakes on trains! Already assembled!! I’ve no idea how she dares, but it seems to be what works for her. 

And this got me thinking. What works for you? And how did you find out which was the best way? 

I used to assemble everything in the cake studio and then transport it stacked. Now I look back and wonder why I ever thought that was a good idea! How many times did I struggle to carry a very heavy, three or four tier cake! And the constant stopping to check everything was still in one piece.

I decided to try taking a tired cake in separate boxes and stack at the venue. And now, for me, it’s become the best way. I would rather have to take longer at a venue, than collect more grey hairs! 

The cake pictured was driven 375 miles. And I couldn’t imagine even trying to do that with it ready stacked. Well I can imagine…… 

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