Member Spotlight. 

Hi UNSA, the lovely Cake Dutchess, Etty, is one of us. She has developed some fab new tools! Bellow she explains all about them 🙂 To find out more visit here
‘I’m a 31 year old mother of two little boys and live with my husband in Glasgow.
I love to reach cake decorators from all over the world through my tutorials specialising in breaking down easy animal cake toppers, I post these on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest.
After developing her own brand Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste in 2016, she is now determined on bringing a perfect set of Modelling Tools to the market.
Maybe you can find yourself in one of these questions?
Do you have too many tools without even using them?

Are most of your tools made out of plastic?

Do you often need to replace your favourite ones?

These are the main reasons I wanted to develop a set of Stainless Steel Modelling Tools, that won’t break, are ergonomic, easy to clean and endless possibilities with just these four tools!

The reason for a Kickstarter campaign is because I need to raise the funds to have them actually manufactured. I have spend a lot of time and money on the designs and the technical drawings are ready to be sent to the manufacturer but the investment in the moulds, shipping and production of these tools is a lot of money which I don’t have.
Kickstarter on the other hand is Risk Free! You pick your reward and pledge an amount of money towards the funding goal. If we meet the goal, I can have these tools made before Christmas!

If we don’t meet the goal you won’t be charged so you won’t loose any money! It’s all or nothing.
Now I have 26 days to meet the funding goal, so I need a lot of help from the Cake Community in spreading the word!’

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