Meet the Admins: Viki Kane

How long have you been making cakes, and what got you started?

I have been making cakes professionally since 2008, but did not venture out on my own until 2012.
What’s your favourite cake you’ve made?

Though it was far from perfect, it was an amazing experience just being able to create it….my winning Hello Kitty cake for Season 1 of Cake Wars. Creating a really amazing cake design in 4 hours is no joke!!
What’s the weirdest cake you’ve been asked to make?

I can’t say I’ve ever been asked to make something overly weird. Either I don’t find very much in life weird, or that’s just not what people typically come to me for. I’m up for any challenge though!
What does being a cake artist mean to you?

My favorite part of being a cake artist is being able to recreate so much of the beauty found in the outside world and somehow turn it into an amazing edible creation. My favorite pieces are usually ones that evoke some sort of emotion and go beyond just something pretty to look at.
What was your inspiration and reasoning behind your Earth Day piece?

My Earth Day piece highlights the plight of the desert tortoise which is native my part of the country. Their habitat is being severely affected by solar and wind farming. I have a soft spot in my heart for these gentle giants that have been on our earth for thousands of years.
Do you have a cake bucket list?

My cake specific bucket list is never ending, but mostly, I want to travel and explore the sugar arts all over the world! I want to be able to see and feel inspiration from everywhere!

Explain UNSA in your own words.

UNSA is an amazing global community of artists who all enjoy using the same medium to express themselves. There is something really special about seeing people from all over the world come together for a common cause, creating beautiful art and building friendships all at the same time!

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