Meet the Admins: Cathy Hill

Cathy Hill

I’ve been making cakes for about 19 years now!! (Oh heck, Saying that out loud makes me feel really old) ? I started making cakes, like most people, for just friends and family, I used to love watching my mum make our birthday cakes when myself and my sister were little. We always loved seeing what creations she’d come up with next.
It’s really hard to think of what my favourite cake is but if I really had to choose it would probably be either my Game of Thrones cake or the Twilight Saga cake. The latter was the 1st time I tried hand painting onto a cake and I loved it! I actually won an airbrush when I entered it into a competition too so I guess that’s another reason it’s one of my favorites.
I was asked to make a cake in the shape of a….well what can I say….a mans private area! Lol he wanted to send me photos so I could get it as lifelike as possible!! ?? I quickly declined!
I’ve always loved art since I can remember. I wanted to take art as an option in school but I also wanted to do food technology, unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to do both, so sadly I had to quit art. Being a cake artist means I get to do the 2 things I love the most, plus being self employed means I can work my schedule around my children too.
I’m a little obsessed with skulls so as soon as I knew the theme I wanted to do a skull to represent the earth, half of it full of life and the other half dying. I had also seen a skull on an Instagram page I follow called Jack of the Dust which had a waterfall coming from the eye so that was also my main inspiration.
UNSA is like one big family of artists who really want to help make a difference in the world. It’s not about getting recognition, it’s about bringing people’s attention to matters that they may not necessarily think about or be aware about.
Hmmm what’s on my cake bucket list? Well I would absolutely love to make a gothic wedding cake and I’d love to do more cakes that are horror inspired. (I know, I must sound a right weirdo!) The other thing I’d love to do is a 3D standing animal but I wouldn’t know where to start!

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